Square Weld Nut (DIN928)

Size : M10x1.5-6G (17×8)

Technical Specification

Material : Low and Medium Carbon Steel, S/S

Property : Class 8, Class 10, Class 12, Grade 5, Grade 8, Grade F

Finish : Self-Color, Passivated

Standard : DIN928

Certifications Available : First Article Samples, PPAP Level III, IMDS, ISIR, Dimensional Layouts

Reference dimensional drawing : 1552981 , D18213

Welding structural nuts to sheet metal and plate is ideally suitable for the sheet metal fabrication industry, in which we also have other series such as projection welding nuts, spot welding nuts, welding flange nuts, welding captive nuts to meet your vary requirement.

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Square Weld Nut | 4 Projection (DIN928)

Material : Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

Finish : Plain (unless otherwise specified), Passivate





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