Pilot three projection | Round Weld Nut (N-OR513-1)

Size : 7/16-20UNF

Part Weight : 29g

Technical Specification

Material : Low and Medium Carbon Steel

Property : Class 8, Class 10, Class 12, Grade 5, Grade 8, Grade F

Finish : Self-Color and other plating or coating available upon request

Standard: Non-standard Fasteners Made to Unique Performance Specifications

Reference dimensional drawing : MH260 53 972

Nut – Being one most important role of connective elements to join with Bolt or Screw for specific things that fastening needs. Various different shape available depend on what type of matching is.

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Pilot three Projection | Round Welding Nut

Weld-on Nut with round base, typical designed for where having space limitations, being manufactured from steel of the high quality mainly, for stainless steel is also available upon request, which is very mature design and reliable for more industrial application.

Most to be used in automatic equipment that come with self-location feature and hole through with three precision, particular globular projections generate strong and uniform for industrial application supported like metal constructions, trailer, commercial vehicles and other equipment.



pilots-weld-nuts-3   pilot-3-weld-nut





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