Hex Flange Nuts

For Hex Flange Nuts with teeth serrations on the underside of the nut help the nut bite into the surface to generate resist vibration. Features and physical condition will be related to heat treated or non-heat treated.

More excellent is these can also be customized depending on your different fastening needs.

Not find what you need? Why not enquire at the sales of RFIL, better with the dimensions and the quantity along with drawing or sample to get quick offer. We can manufacture different sizes for you if required.


For nuts, typical is used to join assembly with external threaded parts.

All hex flange nuts can be available with prevailing torque feature.

Different shapes available depend on where industrial applications.


Hex Flange Nut -2


N-DF024-1 Flange Nut

N-DF024-1 Flange Nut





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