Cage Nuts

Cage Nuts are composed by a nut floats inside of spring-steel cage. These components can be applied either square, rectangular, or round punched holes. Through compressing can snap the cage into the hole to get integrated effectively, ideal in blind fastening positions like storage cabinet, installing server, firewall network or other rack mount equipment. Come with self-retaining feature cuts any need for clinching, welding or staking the nut in place. For lifespan, right before installation to have cage and nuts both in zinc plated or zinc yellow can ensures durability. Our Cage Nuts or Floating Nuts are low cost, removable and reusable.

These products can also be customized depending on your different fastening needs.

Not find what you need? Why not enquire at the sales of RFIL, better with the dimensions and the quantity along with drawing to get quick offer. We can manufacture different sizes for you if required.


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Cage Nuts

Heat Treatment and Surface by subcontractor as per order requirement.

Material : Spring Steel of High Quality.

Finish  : Plain and other plating or coating available upon request.

Packing : Bulk in exported carton then palletized


About Markets served include

Networking Installations, Computer Server Racks and Electrical Equipment, Telecom as well Installing Server, Cabinet and more others. Ideally, their quick join function to secure two pieces articles together that very useful in countless applications in the fastener industry.


Cage Nuts

Cage Nuts





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