Weld Nuts (Hex, Round, Square, Flange)

Weld Nut in round shape is matured design and very reliable, typical is designed for where having space limitations, being manufactured from steel mainly. Most to be used in automatic equipment that come with self-location feature and pre-punched hole through with three precision, particular globular projections generate strong and uniform for industrial application supported like metal constructions, trailer, safety seats, commercial vehicles and other equipment. More benefits is can speed up production to reduce fastening time as well costs.

More excellent is these can also be customized depending on your different fastening needs.

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For Fast Quote – please tell description (diameter – thread, length, material) and the quantity along with drawing or sample is fine. We can manufacture different sizes for you upon required.



For nuts, typical is used to join assembly with external threaded parts.

All weld nuts can be available with prevailing torque feature.

Different shapes available depend on where industrial applications.


Weld Nuts


Technology Spec

(1).Size : M2-M20 , #6-6/8”

(2).Material : Low and Medium Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

(3).Property : Class 8, Class 10, Class 12, Grade 5, Grade 8, Grade F

(4).Features : Hexagon, Round Shape, Square, Polygon, Slotted, Closed End, Knurled, Serrated, Long or Short Pilot, Prevailing Torque Shape Is Optional, Patch

(5).Surface : Self-color, Per Specification and or Customer Request

Heat Treatment and Surface by subcontractor as per order requirement.

(6).Standard : Non-standard Fasteners Made to Unique Performance Specifications

(7).Certifications Available : First Article Samples, PPAP Level III, IMDS, ISIR, Dimensional Layouts

About Markets served include

Industrial Equipment, Mechanical Equipment, Solar Energy, Automotive Industry, OEM Industrial, Trailer, Commercial Vehicles, Renewable Energies Sector and Commercial Markets, Chassis, Seat Mounting and Other Industries Served.


T weld Nut


Hex Flange Weld Nut

N-OFW586-1 Hex Flange Weld Nut


Round Weld Nut M8-1.25-6G



N-OHW645-1 Pilot Hex Weld Nuts with Prevailing Torque Feature

N-OHW645-1 Pilot Hex Weld Nuts with Prevailing Torque Feature


N-OHW646-1 Collared Hexagon Weld Nut

N-OHW646-1 Collared Hexagon Weld Nut



DIN929 S/S



DIN928 S/S



N-OS497-2 M8-1.25-6G



N-OS512-1 M6-1.0-6G (10 x 6 x 7.95∮)



N-OS555-1 M6-1.0-6G (14 x 6.5L)



N-DS564-1 M10-1.5-6G


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