Here are just some examples of the quality and craftsmanship that we supply.



Our attention to quality, service and timely deliveries can make us the best choice for your fasteners needs!

We are proud of Taiwanese cold-forging nut manufacturer with over 25+ years of accumulated experience in quality Nut-making and do believe only high quality ensure cost down from each process of production to grow up with each customer together.

All nut products are domestically in a state of the art facility in beautify Kaohsiung of Southern Taiwan.

Work with a leading provider of automotive fasteners, and many other industrial markets including agriculture, transportation, sports vehicles and material handling.

Our commitment is to give you a quality product at competitive prices with fast and dependable service.

Put our manufacturing expertise and personal pride to work for you on your next job.

For specialty fasteners can be customized according to specific customer requirements.

Just send us your blueprints for a fast quote.

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