Taiwan Professional Nut Manufacturer in cold forging Supplying for the commonest different standards and special custom-made for industries served per requests. As part of our service, Redwoods Fasteners can also supply our customers the custom bolts, rivets, panel nut, circlips and more lot custom manufacturing to your specifications.
All of our fastener components come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Automobile Industry . Mechanical Equipment Industry . Motorcycle Fasteners Industrial .

Metal Components . Commercial Application






Nuts for Auto / Motorcycle
Automotive Fasteners
T-Nuts / T Shape Nuts
Nylon Insert Lock Nuts
Weld Round Hex & Square
Self Locking Nylon Nuts
Hexagon Flange Nuts
Weld Nuts
Jam Nuts
Hexagon Nuts
Round Nuts
Square Nuts
Chain Rollers
Sleeves Bushing
Special Nuts

Press mold:

Cage Nut
Cotter Pin
Dowel Pin
Spring Washer
Retaining Ring (DIN471, 472, 6799)
Spring Pin (DIN1481)
Speed Nut (SPN)
Tooth Lock Washer (JIS B 1255)
U-Nut, R-Pin (USN, SSP)
Lock Washer, Disc Washer, Wave Washer (DIN6797, 6798)


DIN7504 Self-Drilling Screws

DIN912 Hex Socket HD Cap Screws

DIN7991 Hex Socket Flat Countersunk HD Cap Screws

ISO7380 Hex Socket Button HD Cap Screws

DIN911 Allen Key

Blind Jack Nuts

Rivet Nuts

Redwoods | Form Speed is a leading manufacturer of Hex nuts, Square nuts, Round nuts, Flange nuts, Jam, Keps, Weld-on nuts, Wing nuts, Self-Locking, Nylon Insert Hex Locknut, Weld Boss, Round Flat Weld Nut, Special Nuts, Collared Hex Weld Nut, Self Locating Pilot, Six Uniform Projections, Metric Piloted Hex Weld Nut with Projections, Adjusting Nuts, Spot Weld Tee Nuts (Round/Slab Base), Weld Spacer, Threaded Boss, Custom Nuts to unique exact specification. Welcome to contact us today to discuss your fastener needs and business cooperation in the global.